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‘HOPPUP’, the name itself invites you to hop-up! HOPP-UP to the musical beats or simply sing-along your favourite songs; Immerse yourself in the music with crystal clear sound quality or get on with your High-Intensity Interval Training workout with our Powerful Bass; the long battery life will be your constant companion throughout the workday and even if it wears out due to excessive use, the Power Bank function will charge your Earbuds at a lightning speed!

It’s almost unbelievable to the eyes when you see these teenee-tiny earbuds function flawlessly loud & clear! Especially when you get into the details and learn about their extended super-powers, you’d be sure that it is an absolute miracle; a miracle carefully and meticulously created by the HOPPUP Tech Wizards!

While HOPPUP offers a wide range of Earbuds to select from, we would like to make the selection process easier and fun for you.


Ye ATOM nahi, ATOM ____ hai!
Yes, you guessed it right! This piece right here is the definition of ‘Chota Pack, Bada Dhamaka!’ your ears won’t believe the power-packed performance given by this tiny but mighty HOPPUP ATOM!


Live the bling life! HOPPUP BLING is for those who live by the motto – Go bling or go home! Not only is it packed with a super battery but is also water-resistant and the bass is like no other device.


Would you believe if we told you that HOPPUP JIVE is a small ear-piece that lets you control music, calls and volume with a simple touch? You won’t; so why don’t you dive to buy jive & give it a try!


Whether you wish to rock it out with superior bass or relax with smooth acoustics, HOPPUP JIVE PRO is your true BRO! Its massive 300mAh battery guarantees that JIVE stays with you from dusk to dawn. And then dusk again if you’re a night owl like us!


The Ergonomic design of HOPPUP JUMBO guarantees absolute comfort in extended wear throughout the work-day. Its JUMBO battery case with 500mAh capacity, provides up-to 30 hours of playtime, takes care of your ride back home too! And the best part, they come in 4 vibrant colours. We bet you won’t be able to choose just one!


‘Size pe mat jao, apni akkal ladao!’ is the perfect slogan for HOPPUP MINI Earbuds. Get your devices connected instantly right from the moment your earbuds exit the case! With voice assistance, these earbuds allow you to play your preferred playlist, find your way through GPRS and do much more with just a single voice command.


Its incredible sound quality is further strengthened by Oceanic Bass and 10mm drivers. The type-C charging ensures not just fast charging but flash charging. We guarantee 60 minutes of non-stop playback with simply 10 minutes of charging! HOPPUP SYNC indeed charges in a WINK!

Whether it’s watching movies or listening to music, working out or a simple banter on that excruciatingly long business call; treat yourself to the finest quality earbuds with zero discrepancies. HOPPUP Earbuds will always be your BEST BUDS!




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